February 6th, 2009


The Daily Titan, May 7, 1998

"Cal State Fullerton held it’s first Jesus Week this March, and Revelation, a new band from Fallbrook provided the entertainment.
“We want to accurately portray what it’s like to walk with God,” Sean Papiro, 20, lead singer said after the performance at the Titan Student Union. Their music, which Papiro describes as “godly, heavenly music,” does not fit into any kind of marketable sound, but Papiro and his bandmates are hopeful. “If one person in here is touched, it’s worth it,” Papiro said, although the band has only been playing gigs for the past two months.
At first glance, Revelation can be mistaken for a reckless hippie band with their long hair, flared jeans and birkenstocks. Papiro, who sports thick dreadlocks and plays a Flying V (think “Spinal Tap”) guitar, quit smoking along with the rest of the band, when they decided to play together."

I joined Revelation later, and recorded a 4-song EP with them within two weeks of first getting together. It was mostly recorded live at Ryan Chaffin's house, with Zack Smith and Sean overdubbing vocals later. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, and "beginning of wisdom" is my favorite recording among everything I've ever done.

Sean passed away from leukemia at 25, about two years after I left the band. He was prayerful and thankful during his entire ordeal. Losing him was a blow to his entire community. He was a loving example of Christ in every sense, and I'm thankful to have known him, even for a short time. Truly, he's found home, and I look forward to meeting him there. Someday.