July 18th, 2009

Are You OK?

Of Certifications, Overwork and ...Nerd Prom!

Last week, I took a MAC OS certification class. This was a crash course in Leopard 10.5, the current Apple Computers operating system. That is, the whole OS crammed into three eight-hour day lecture/labs. The book I got with the class said the course was designed for the experienced MAC user to become an expert. Well, I have very little MAC use, so this class was especially hard, but I took the test on Saturday last and passed with a 77.8 percent, with 73 percent possible to pass. Squeaked by, but I feel pretty good about it. Now I want a MAC, actually.

I was, to say the least, a bit overwhelmed by the training, so took time off from other things, mainly Kung Fu and band practice. This week some semblance of normalcy kicked in. Back to work Monday, and we were swamped. Just too much stuff going on, and short-staffed all week. We finally began catching up on Friday.

Also, Marie Haddad and Geezer were in full effect. Last Saturday I recorded Wishing Well again with Marie for a video someone wants to put together for that song. We recorded at Jason Hee's home studio, and I nailed the drums in 1 take. That was nice. Then, we messed with some neat percussion stuff and put down my backing vocals. (As an aside, Humberto's on 25th and Broadway has the BEST pollo asado burrito in SD. Just FYI, since I had one that night.) Then this week, Geezer crammed for a show, but I'll detail that in another post tonight or tomorrow.

So...Comic Con is upon us yet again! I'm very excited about this, and will do my due diligence to bring you pics from the greatest show on earth. The whole town in stoked. I met some kid at Rubio's last night who saw my Nintendo shirt when he took my order and told me he was dressing up for Con with some friends. Yeah, pretty much threw it out there. The buzz is fierce, and I'm looking forward to the smell of paper and ink, air-conditioning and plastic. Oh, I could go on, but this will require a new post.

Just catching you up, folks. It's hot in Santee. I'm gonna go record some MC GigaMach songs with Jason Hee tonight, for a possible project. Again, more later. Stay classy.