October 27th, 2009


CD-a-Day - If My Mom Had A Record Deal Edition

Joan Baez: Hits/Greatest & Others

If my mom had a record deal...she'd sound better than Joan. Sorry folksters, Joan sucks. I'm not exactly sure why she's an icon, other than her connection to Bob Dylan, and actually, the live recordings I've heard of the two of them are pretty entertaining. His jacked up voice with her pedestrian warble = magic, kinda like Jerry Cantrell and the late Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Solo vocally...not so much. Together: GOLD.

I know, I know. How can I dis Joan Baez? She was an icon, an established staple of American Music at the turning point of American Music. Well, too bad. American music got good when the British came back and took it over in retaliation for 1776, forcing the Yanks to follow suit. We may have invented Rock&Roll, but they honed it, and I'm looking forward to a little later in the "B's". You know who I'm talking about.

I would like to have dinner at Joan Baez's house. I bet she makes a tasty green-bean casserole.