January 19th, 2010


CD-a-Day - Mild Concussion Edition

The Black Crows: Shake Your Money Maker

Another recent acquisition, but I'm well aware of nearly half the songs here from radio play. Good southern-rock, solid and dirty. I like this album a lot, though I didn't appreciate it when it was new. But the music is timeless, like Tom Petty songs, so how can you go wrong? My only complaint: Singer Chris Robinson's range is way lacking. He's passionate and good with phrasing, but he seems to have one tone. Still it works, I guess.

Once I was in the locker room at Grossmont College and some guy was playing "She Talks to Angels" on an acoustic. He was butchering the lyrics, and I started quietly singing along. I wanted to sing louder and share a moment with the guy, but we were in a locker room, and I was too embarrassed to sing out loud so people could hear me. It's funny, because now I'm arrogant enough to believe that people should hear me. I don't know if that kind of self-realization is a boon or a bane.