March 1st, 2010


CD-a-Day: Where Was I? Edition

The Blind Boxers: Golden Love Story

I am pretty pleased with this album. It has a lot of meaning for me as a drummer and friend, for sure. Steve and Jay and David and I recorded this over a two day period at Earthling Studios, where the Rookie Card albums were cut. Mike Kamoo did an amazing job in the limited time we gave him, making our simple songs sound diverse and much more full than we thought possible.

I was reticent to write about this CD. There is a lot of history that a small blog post can't contain. Like how I first met Steve and Jay at Shadow Mountain Church, and played worship songs with them in the college group. About how Steve and Jay have been friends from way back. About how I came to know David, the bass-player's bass player, and was the Best Man at his wedding. (What an honor!) How we called ourselves Old Man Apple for years before recording as The Blind Boxers. How influenced we were by local artists Dryve and LOAM.

How I rarely speak with the guys anymore. How our different tastes and views of the world lead to friction and misunderstandings. How few actual shows we played. How redeemed I felt when success with Rookie Card gave me enough "clout" to have a say in the musical direction of the band. How frustrated I was with the album artwork. How many CD's are lying in my garage, boxed up for no one.

"I'm a little bit blue today, since you turned my heart away.
I'm a little bit sad, since you turned my sky's to gray."
-Little Slow Waltz

If anyone wants a CD, please send me your name and mailing address, with the number of CD's you'd like. I'll do what I can. A small donation for shipping will grease the wheels.