March 3rd, 2010


CD-a-Day: Locusts! Edition

The Blues Brothers: Briefcase Full of Blues

Once, KTLA-5 played the movie The Blues Brothers in all it's uncut glory on a Sunday afternoon. George and I watched wide-eyed as every cuss word was uttered with aplomb. We were captivated, and it seemed even more funny to us because of the taboos being broken. I love the part in the church with James Brown.

Anyhow, this CD was one of the records our parents owned. I listened to it relentlessly, my favorite song being Rubber Biscuit, a mix of gibberish and allusions to poverty told in a snide, joking tone. I didn't get it at the time, nor did I get the double-entendres of "I Don't Know", where the vibrant John Belushi recalls the pillow talk between a disgruntled couple. The crowd reacts appropriately, and so did I. Easily influenced, even without knowing what it all meant, really.

The album holds up. It might be the most pure of the Blue Brothers' albums, as it's a live show in character, as opposed to a movie soundtrack, and the in-between song banter showcases Belushi's love of the material and his unbridled enthusiasm for the band backing his energetic vocals. Dan Ackroyd is less noticeable, but in no way less integral to the whole affair, even introducing the show from backstage, and claiming that "by the year 2006 [blues] will exist only as a footnote in your local public library." I can't argue with him there, but it's good to know that at least a vestige of it remains, at least digitally, in 2010.