March 11th, 2010


CD-a-Day: Shrugs Edition

The Buzzkill Romantics: Cold Cold Cold

Jason Hee played bass in Rookie Card, and when it got a little too self-deprecating, he formed The Buzzkill Romantics to help offset some of the kitsch Rookie Card was known for. Originally a four piece with two drummers, and two guitarists, they eventually dropped a drummer and recorded this album. It's reminiscent of east-coast drama-rock, White Stripes, and The Dirt Bombs. (So I'm told. I've never heard the Dirt Bombs...) The songs are hook-heavy and punchy, with Jason's gentle voice contrasting against the chunky rhythms. It', which is maybe the point of the title. Lyrics like "Little girls need friends not lovers" and "I'm gonna take these blues and shove 'em down your throat" made me laugh, because I know Jason, and he's about the nicest guy you'll likely ever meet.

But on stage, Jason went nuts. He did the same in Rookie Card, thrashing and flailing on the bass, making the most of our shows. As a singer and guitarist, it made more sense, and really added to the Buzzkill's live shows; Jason seizing, Charlie pounding the drums and the lovely Davida shredding made for an interesting group that drew the eye and the ear.

So, where did they get the name? Well, we used to call Jason "Shrugs Buzzkill", because when the lead singer of Rookie Card would present an idea that Jason didn't jive with, he'd just kinda smile and shrug. Naming his band thus was almost a double-shot. Jason showed his ideas as valid and viable, while mocking his supposed apathy. Cheers, Jason. You're still one of my favorite folks, and I'm glad to have gotten to play music with you for so long, and even now sometimes with Marie Haddad!(see also, Ja'heez!)
Kung Fu

Ugh-Fu: Back to Basics

Just a note: My Kung Fu is weak!

Last year, I got my green sash. This year, I'm struggling to get my blue. I've fallen off, lost the path, get the idea.

Between the drama of life, the new life coming, and work-woes, I have relegated my physical fitness pursuits somewhere just below making sure I shave at least twice a week. Maybe.

I have the material and the knowledge. I just need to apply it. I practiced tonight, and within minutes was sweating and sucking wind. Not good, sirs. But I did something, and that's a start...again. A re-start.

So, baby in June. I'd like my blue before then. I'm not sure it can happen, but I can work towards it, God willing. And if He's not willing, not a problem. This isn't the most important thing in my life, I'd just like to get back in shape. It feels good, and helps pretty much everything else along. So.

Back to work.