March 22nd, 2010


CD-a-Day: I'm Under the Weather or Not Edition

Califone: Roomsound

Picked this up at a Califone show at the Casbah under recommendation from a friend of my friend Daye. You know Daye. Everyone knows Daye. I don't listen to it enough, probably because it demands to be listened to, rather than popped in as driving music to keep you awake. It won't keep you awake unless you pay attention, but this is meant in the best possible way. It's lulling in it's rich complexity, but deceptively so. Not boring, but engrossing.

I'm sick. Or it's allergies. And the week has just begun. The baby's room is painted, and I'm thinking of preparing a mix-tape for him when he arrives. Califone will be on it. You're welcome, baby.