March 24th, 2010


CD-a-Day: Chew is Nasty Edition

The Cardigans: First Band on the Moon

Fronted by a lovely little swedish doll who I heard likes to chew tobacco, which totally negates the "lovely little doll" part, The Cardigans make kinda playful music that is the nutritional equivalent of Splenda. That is, sweet in moderation, and made FROM sugar, but not sugar, and ultimately not good for you.

Now, I understand that their sound varies from album-to-album, but this album is sickly-sweet, with the radio hit "Lovefool" being the main draw. ("Love me, love/Say that you love me/Fool me, fool me/Go on and fool me") A wise friend told me once, "never judge a band by their hits!" I agree, but the rest of the album follows suit, including a silly cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Go figure.

Recent Picture of the Cardigan's Nina Perrson. Not Really