March 28th, 2010



First go here to check out the news:

Now, anyone who knows me knows that giant robots are my thing. While I'm currently enjoying a GI Joe phase, my first favorite toy was the Shogun Warriors Great Mazinga. In fact, the avatar to the left is of his predecessor, Mazinger Z.

Now, while the new Shogun Warriors film will likely not have Mazinga, due to his relevancy and high profile as his own character here in the US, Gaiking is much less known, though his show was part of Force Five in the late 80's, a collection of Japanese television shows translated for syndication here. I came to know Gaiking later than that, falling in like with his design in relation to his SOC incarnation. Fun fact: Gaiking's Dragon-head chest is actually the head to his giant carrier ship, the Daikyu Maru.(sp?) Essentially, Gaiking, as big as he is, is dwarfed by the giant dragon-ship that also carries three animal-vehicles and an entire task force of people trying to fight alien invaders...

Yeah, I'm stoked. STOKED! (please don't be an early April Fools joke...)