April 19th, 2010


To the Stars

Carl Macek, Robotech's crafter, passes away at 58.

I'm kinda surprised at how sad this news makes me. I still have the Robotech Art 1 book Carl signed for me at Comic Castle years ago. Of course, he spelled my name wrong. Of course, I didn't care. The man was a pleasure, and chatted with me and everyone there, complimenting fan-art guys brought in and building enthusiasm for what might come next.

A few years later, I saw him again, introducing the premiere of Akira at the SD Comic Con. Another milestone for anime in America, to be sure, and one I thouroughly enjoyed seeing in English, truth be told.

Sure, a lot of American Otaku will disparage Carl, saying he "ruined" three shows by combining them to form Robotech. I respectfully disagree. While I really enjoy anime when it's translated directly, I also still enjoy Robotech. Carl worked with what he could...if the television stations wouldn't allow syndication of three separate shows, why, he'd give them one long epic. And epic it was. I'm a bit saddened that nothing on TV has yet to purposefully achieve the cross-generational scope that Robotech did by necessity.

Carl Macek was integral to informing my current pop-culture sensibilities. His work has stood the test of time, and for that, I thank him. May his family and friends remember him fondly. I know I will.