July 6th, 2010


CD-a-Day: $1.99 Amoeba Clearance Edition

Centro-Matic: Distance and Clime

Centro-Matic is the best band you've never heard of. As the title says, I found this CD in a bargain bin, and to tell the truth, I got one up on Amoeba Records in the deal. These Texans, with their rich soil-flavored rock, owned me from the minute I saw them play live at the Casbah, touring their better (and tomorrow's review) album; However this disc is still gold. Dirty, heavy gold turned from the earth with heart-beat drums and heavy distortion. I urge you to listen to Centro-Matic, and in particular on this CD "The Given Geography" and "Fountains of Fire".

My friend, Steve, who I haven't spoken with in years, loved these guys. I imagine he still does. When I hear them, I think of him fondly, and imagine him driving through the desert in his jeep, the top down, the sun setting, air warm in his lungs and dry, the kind of air that makes water taste better and better, and you realize that you were missing out on water, even though you have access to it all the time back home...