July 7th, 2010



Centro-Matic: Love You Just the Same

This CD is proof that sound can heal. If you don't own this, and have any love of Indie Rock 'n' Roll, stop reading and go purchase. I'll wait. Here's a picture to help you out:

Liste to those drums! Do you know, the drums on the cover are what the guy used in the recording...they're plastic. Yes! And they sound amazing, right? He had that kit when I saw them at the Casbah many moons ago...must've been almost seven years now. That opening song! Oh, it's such a solid tune...almost a closer, but man! What a hook. And then, the whole of the record swings and sways and crashes and soothes. Perfect. Will Johnson's sublime lyrics and soft-yet-aggressive voice are a revelation. Indeed, I'll say it again...the best band you've never heard.

What else? I stole this CD from Adam. I guess he could get it back, if he asks really nicely. Now, watch this video (the song isn't on the album, but it's good!) and then find Centro-Matic.