July 10th, 2010


CD-a-Day: Overproduced Meh Edition

Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman

I just realized, as I was writing this out, that my two best friends in High School were named Tracy Flowers (Yes, a man, and a manly man at that) and Jason Chapman. That fact does not engender me to this CD, sadly.

All children of the 80's and early 90's know Chapman's "Fast Car", the longest of the songs here and the most droning. I think what really got folks hot'n'bothered about Ms. Chapman was the fact that here was a black woman singing folk songs ala Simon and Garfunkel or Joan Baez. You can read my review on Joan to know how predisposed I am, therefore, to Tracy. And I'd say she's way more Garfunkel then Simon. She might be (so I read) great live, but this disk was obviously made with studio musicians who had no connection to the songs. Everything is perfectly played, perfectly timed, and perfectly boring. One standout, where Tracy sings a Capella, still does nothing for me. She does something for someone, though, with her multiple Grammys. You go, girl. (and keep on going...)

The only other song I have any connection to is "Baby Can I Hold You", which my first "band" the Fisher Folk did at an acoustic cover night at an extinct coffee shoppe in El Cajon. I think I sang on it, and I was terrible. Which works out, 'cuz the song isn't so great.