July 13th, 2010


CD-a-Day: Metal Apologetics Edition

Chevelle: Point #1

So, guilty: I like Chevelle. I have since this album came out while I was in Revelation. Power (emphasis on power) trios are always welcome, and these kids do well with the rocking and the rolling.

This disk is, actually, their weakest. I have a hard time listening to it now, if not for Steve Albini's production which makes the drums sound about as big and full and gun-shotty as you can get. But it's almost too raw. Their later stuff, which I got last year through work, is tighter, catchier and more mature...but maybe that's the charm of Point #1. It's three kids hammering out what they can with what they've got, and nailing it.

So, you hipsters may wonder what kind of taste I can have when I gave a resounding "meh" to The Chieftains yesterday while praising Chevelle today, who some might say are just steps away from Creed, and not just alphabetically. What can I say...I'm in a mood for metal. And why not? It's summer, kids. Rock on. Go get your favorite band-named-after-a-car and turn it way up. I will, this week anyway.

And yeah, Creed is on the list...