July 15th, 2010


CD-a-Day: Parentheses (Make Things Seem More Important) Edition

Chevelle: This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)

More of the same by Chevelle, which I'm OK with. They seem to have gotten their harmonies down by now, and hooks are a bit more clever. Opening track "The Clincher" is a winner, and secures my ears for the duration.

I am getting done with them by now. Short doses is fine, but the CD's do all sound the same. I realize that I probably couldn't tell you what song went with what album at this point, apart from the stuff off the first album, and that's because of the specific production choices.

I wonder if Hard Rock isn't dead? I mean, these kids pounding away are nice boys, by the look of it. Clean cut, handsome. This stuff is fun, but safe, I guess. But is that so bad?


I saw a video today which was a faux gangsta'-rap tune about being a dad. It made a joke out of caring for your kids and wearing khaki's and being out-of-shape and emotional. (Well, I don't blame them about the khaki's. (They're terrible)) It was put out by some church, and the more I think about it, the more I think it's insulting. Instead of encouraging, which I hope was the intent, it makes men who choose to be fathers out to be weak and uncool. (((It's the exact opposite of the other thing I can't stand, which is macho arrogance.))) It was like those "Swagger Wagon" commercials, preying on the fears of the middle aged afraid of losing youthful rebellion, and defining exactly what that looks like. And it looks like sitting around, watching TV to define you. And liking what people tell you to like; faux gangsta'-rap, perhaps. Or this? Or what?!

Short Story: Good News, Bad News

Here's a short story I wrote last year. After I finished it, I figured it could be a good first chapter in a larger story, but I never continued...pretty standard. It's a Super Hero story. Sorta. With Comic-Con coming next week, and certain older exploits being revisited by those in the know, I figured now was as good a time as any to post it here. (No one else would publish it) Enjoy!

Good News, Bad News

Rick pressed his thumb to the electronic lock, and heard the familiar ka-click as the bolt slid back, allowing him entry. He grabbed the handle of the door and pulled it open, a gentle ‘woosh’ accompanying the motion as the cooler air of the room met the warmer air of the hallway. Letting the door close quietly behind him, Rick slid into the office space. It was the only occupied area on the 40th floor of the Beasley building in the middle of Downtown San Diego. In fact, the whole of the floor was dedicated to the one office.

Rick stepped silently over hardwood floors, his boots gently moving heel-to-toe with athletic grace. He’d been listening to U2 on the way over, and whispered the chorus to “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” under his breath. Indirect lighting gave the office a warm glow, and allowed the window overlooking the bay to sparkle with the evening lights of the city.

Sitting alone at the large round table in the center of the room was Commander Dare, looking out over the city. He slumped in his chair a bit, his large arms crossed over his chest. The strains of Beethoven emanated quietly from the surround-sound system, the speakers well hidden within the walls. The holographic projector above the table was on standby, a translucent green globe floating in mid air, the Windows Next logo orbiting like a flat moon.

“Hey, Dare,” called Rick casually. “Whatcha’ doin’ here so late?”

“Hello, Thunderous.” Commander Dare’s voice was deep and, well, commanding. “I was just going over some of the older files, getting things in order.”Collapse )