sklabah (sklabah) wrote,

Local Cat Makes Good

Paranormal Activity seems to be the next "big deal" in indie films. Lots of buzz, as evidenced by the website. What I just found out today, however, is that the film was made by Oren Peli, a guy who used to work at my campus here at SCEA. Pretty neat.

As for the film...I haven't seen it. I'm interested from a technical aspect, not so much the subject matter. But I sure think it's amazing that he got the film made for $11,000 and here it is, making the rounds, getting hyped, and leading to the possibility of him making another film.

As for Oren, I met him once. Nice guy. Pretty quiet. Interesting fact...He had the filthiest keyboard I've yet seen in all my days of IT. Just sayin'. That's pretty much all I've got.

Congrats, Oren!
Tags: film, i know that guy

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