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Teri Reeves on "The Forgotten" Tomorrow Night!!!

Our friends Jon and Teri Reeves are pretty much two of my favorite people. They live in LA where Jon makes guitar amps and Teri acts on stage and screen. Her most recent work will air tomorrow night. Here's the email I received tonight:

Hi friends, family, and colleagues,
Just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be on "The
Forgotten" this Tuesday, 11/17 at 10pm on ABC in case you wanted to
have a watch. They find my character Jane Doe/Ashley Kemp dead and
'forgotten' at the beginning of the episode and as I narrate, the team
tries to unearth who I was. I appear in several flashback scenes
It is a new show that you can check out at:
I hope you're all well!! Thank you for all your support!
:) Teri

Tags: film, friends

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