sklabah (sklabah) wrote,

A Good Run

This video is from March of this year. I played fairly steadily with Marie Haddad (with Jason Hee on bass) for almost 5 years, starting in 2005. We recorded an album I'm very proud of called "A Beautiful Road" at Sven-Erik Seaholm's Kitsch & Sync Studio. The whole process was great, and I'm thankful for it.

Last month, in light of my impending fatherhood and stretched interests, I tendered my resignation from Marie's band. She was, characteristically to those who know her, gracious and thankful for the years, and I was sad and proud at the same time. Marie is a wonderful woman, a wonderful talent, and I was blessed to be able to help her in my small way. This tune, "Collision", is one of my favorites, and we never put it on an album. I'm glad the whole song and performance was captured.

Cheers, Marie. Your kindness and talent are a joy, and Shandree, Yusef and I are glad to name you as a friend.
Tags: i made this, local bands, marie haddad, music

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