sklabah (sklabah) wrote,

CD-a-Day: Lebanese Edition

Cedar: Tree

I've had this CD in the car for the last three months, since I let CD-a-Day rot on the vine. I was lazy. I only listened to it three or four times, twice the other day when I intended to resuscitate this column at the beginning of the month. You know, start on the 1st and all that. The disc sits in front of me now, ready to put back on the shelf after I write this.

That's not to say the CD is bad. Not by any means. It's just a little too long ad a little rough. Christian kids from town, they put this out in 1999. Who knows if they're still playing together? All I know is I was listening to it the other day, and a minivan with window sticker of a little Calvin praying had "Cedar" taped to the other side of the rear window. I almost stopped them to see if it was in appreciation for the band. I didn't, but I know where they live now...

This is jangly indie-emo rock. Some of it is very solid. Some of it needs refinement in the areas of tempo and dynamics. All of it is blatantly praise and/or commentary on Christian ethics. I was blessed to hear it, but the juvenile repetition and choice of lyrical delivery might not warrant multiple immersions in it's waters. Also, four of eleven tracks have the word "song" in the title. That's just lazy.

I won't be rid of this CD. I like it, and I like having it. But there isn't much to recommend to anyone not of faith. And that, too, is lazy.
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