sklabah (sklabah) wrote,

CD-a-Day: Post Comic Con Edition

Clem Snide: The Ghost of Fashion

Rookie Card played with Clem Snide once. I asked that we do it, thinking they'd be a good match with us because of their similar "country" roots and "cleverness". Adam kinda disagreed, but got the show anyway. I can't remember if the show went well, but I seem to remember being kinda bored by Clem Snide's set. I'd only known Clem Snide for their song "Moment in the Sun", which was used as the intro to the NBC dramedy "Ed". Great song, but the rest of this CD is hit-or-miss.

Singer Eef Barzelay is pretty whiny, and spends a lot of time repeating lyrics, presumably to impart their importance or said cleverness, but by the fifth time I hear "Tonight I Feel Like Elvis Longing for His Long Lost Twin", I'm leaning less toward "clever" and more toward "contrived".

Then, there's songs like "Moment in the Sun" and the opener "Let's Explode" that just need to be heard. So hear them, but beware the hype. Neo-folksters may cry the Second Coming of Dylan, but I'm not convinced.
Tags: cd-a-day, clem snide, music

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